Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Monday, 10 April 2017

Sri Shiva Sahasranama Sthothram – Rudrayamala Thanthram – Lyrics and meanings 31 – 40

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Lord Shiva who follows strict austerities and disciplines, restrained, controller of the Universe and its living beings, he is firm, he is the safest haven to his worshiper, he is accurate and has supreme effulgence, he represents withered,emaciated, shrunken and lush as well, he dwells as Athman in impure and also represents Rajassic, he is fond of Svathik nature, he causes to disappear lopa/deprivation,violation, definiciency, interruption, he represents Parnya/leaves, sacred scriptures, he is primordial, he is the source of living beings/Bhootha, he is the Lord of living beings/bhoopathi, he is the protector of Earth/Bhoopa, he is embodied as Earth/bhoodhara, he is the bearer of Earth, he is accompanied by Bhoothaganas, he is Bhoothamoorthi, he has various incarnations, he takes immense pleasure in the spirituous drinks, he is exhilarating, he is fond of sweet desserts, he is fond of nectar, he is sweet like nectar, he can be compassionate as well as formidable too, he is the destroyer of Madhana/Lord of love, he is unblemished, he does not require any support system, he is eternal, he is absolute, he has subtle form without any properties, he is Nishprapancha/pure, he has no specific forms/universal spirit, he is devoid of desires and he is harmless, he represents Sathvik disposition, he is endowed with rich qualities, he symbolizes Sathvik nature and he is beloved of virtuous/people of Sathvik nature, he strictly follows the principles of Sathvik nature, he is Saththvamoorthi, he is the Lord of Sathvik disposition, he is the Lord of Sathvik disposition as wealth, he is the essence of whole of Universe, he is the storehouse of all virtues, he is the destroyer of all kinds of perils and miseries, he is the source of supreme bliss, he is decked in garlands of Rudhraksha beads, he is kind who is fond to adorn in Rudraksha beads, he symbolizes Rudraksha, his chest is embellished in Rudraksha beads, his whole body is embellished in Rudraksha beads, he is Vishveshvara who is the Lord of Universe, he is personified as Veerabadhra/fierce and valorous, he is Samrat/emperor, he is the destroyer of fire sacrifice of Dhakshaprajapathi, he is Vigneshvara who destroys all kinds of impediments, he is dreadful, he is supreme preceptor, he is Devashikhamani/precious jewel embellish on the shikha/tuft, he is decked in venomus serpent/Bhujagendhra who is the King of serpents / on his neck, he is decorated in venomous serpents as ornaments all over his body, he is decked in venomous serpent as glittering  ear ornament, he is surrounded by venomous serpents all over, he is meditated by Rishis and Sages, he represents supreme ascetic, he is worshiped by the group of supreme ascetics, Rishis and Sages.

Niveshpyo Niyatho Ayantha Pamsavya: Samprathapana: |Shushkyo Harithyo Apoothathma  Rajasya: Sathvikapriya : ||

 Lopyo Lapya: Parnashadhya: Parnya: Poorana: Purathana: | Bhootho  Bhoothapathir  Bhoopo Bhoodharo  Bhoodharayudha: ||

Bhoothasangho Bhoothamoorthir  Bhoothatha  Bhoothi Bhooshana: | Madhano Madhako Madhyo  Madhaha  Madhurapriya: ||

Madhurmadhukara: Krooro Madhuro Madhananthaka: | Niranjano Niradharo  Nirluptho  Nirupadhika: ||

Nishprapancho  Nirakaro  Nireeho Nirupadhrava: | Saththva: Saththvagunopetha: Saththavithth Saththvithpriya: ||

Saththvanishta: Saththvamoorthi: Saththvesha:  Saththvaviththama: | Samastha Jagadhadhara; Samastha Gunasagara: ||

Samastha Dhukha Vidhvamsi  Samastha Anandhakarana: | Rudrakashamalabharano Rudrakshapriya Vathsala: ||

Rudrakshavaksha Rudraksharoopo Rudrakshapakshaka: | Vishveshvaro  Veerabhadhra: Samrat Dhakshamakhanthaka: ||

Vighneshvaro  Vighnakarththa  Gurur Devashikhamani : | Bhujagendhra Lasath Kando Bhujangabharana Priya: ||

Bhujangavilasathkarno Bhujangavalayavritha: | Munivandhyo Munishreshto Munivrindha Nishevitha: ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||