Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Sri Shiva Sahasranama Sthothram – Rudrayamala Thanthram – Lyrics and meanings 81 - 90

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Lord Shiva who is imperturbable, he is free from exasperation, he is the cause for the disturbance and destroys agitation, he resembles to Indra's thunder bolt, he is free from deception and insincerity, he is the cause for deceitfulness and destroys the same, he has the luster of  flowers of Kudendhushankha, he is anointed in sacred ashes all over the body, he is pleased to smear sacred ashes all over the body, he represents Thushti/satisfaction and contentment, and Pushti/opulence, he is the destroyer of enemies, he is Sthanu/firm, Digambara who is attired in directions as clothes, he has great splendor, he has thousands of lustrous eyes, he represents Thrikalagni,  Kalakalagni/colossal fire at the end of Yuga, Advitheeya /matchless, and Mahayasha/he has great fame, he symbolizes Samaveda and fond of recitation of Samaveda, he is Mahadheera who is extremely valorous, he symbolizes extreme valor, he is the provider of intense valor and he augment courage in worshiper, he is the protector of living beings, he represents supreme wisdom and he is the provider of the same, he is attired in skin of leopard, he is flawless, he is beloved to the whole of Universe, he is the provider of victory in endeavors, he symbolizes triumph, and he is the cause for the success in endeavors, he explores through the whole of the Universe and he is the cause for the functions of the Universe, he is the source of  Universe and its living beings, he protects the Universe and its living beings, he is submissive, he is the cause for the Jagathpralaya/deluge at the end of Yuga, he took out the teeth of Poosha/Pooshadhantha, he carries Panchajanya/fire, he represents  God of wind, he is Ashtamoorthi/eight glorious forms, Vishvamoorthi who is embodied as Universe, Athimoorthira/ highest shape, Moorthiman who is divine personified in various forms, he dwells in the highest peaks of Mount Kailasa, he is fond of highest peaks of Mount Kailasa, he is the provider of bliss of Kailsa to worshiper, he has subtle form, he is Marmajna who is exceedingly clever and aware of vulnerable spot of living beings, he is supreme preceptor, he represents Soma,  he is adorned in crescent moon, he has supreme effulgence, he symbolizes sizzling heat, he has the luster of precious yellow metal, he is eternal bliss, his hair has the luster of precious yellow metal, he is decked in various ornaments of precious yellow metal.

Akshobhya: Kshobharahitha: Kshobhadha: Kshobhanashaka: | Sadhambho Dhambharahitho Dhambhadha  Dhambhanashaka : ||

Kudhendhushankha Dhavalo Bhasmodh Dhoolitha Vigraha: | Bhasmadharana Hrishtathma  Thushti: Pushtyarisoodhana: ||

Sthanur Dhigambaro  Bhargo  Bhaganethrabhidhudhyama: | Thrikagni: Kalakalagnir  Adhvitheeyo Mahayasha: ||

Samapriya: Samaveththa  Samaga: Samagapriya: | Dheerodhaththo Mahadheero  Dhairyadho  Dhairyavardhaka: ||

Iavanyarshi : Sarvajana: Shuddhir Buddhiman Vara: | Thumbaveena: Kambukanda: Shambarari Nikrinthana: ||

Shardhoola Charmavasana: Poornanandho Jagathpriya: | Jayapradho Jayadhyaksho Jayathma  Jayakarana: ||

Jangamajangamakaro  Jagadh Uthpaththikarana: | Jagadh Rakshakaro  Vashyo Jagadh Pralayakarana: ||

Pooshadhanthabhidhuthkrishta :  Panchayajna: Prabhanjaka: |Ashtamoorthir  Vishvamoorthirathimoorthir Moorthiman ||

Kailasa Shikaravasa  Kailasashikhara Priya : | Bhakthakailasadha: Sookshmo Marmajna: Sarvashiksha: ||

Soma: Somakalakaro  Mahatheja  Mahathapa: |Hiranyashmashruranandha: Svarnakesha: Suvarnadhrik ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||