Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Sri Nama Ramayanam – Lyrics and meanings - Balakandam – Ayodhyakandam – Aranyakandam – Kishkindhakandam - Yuddhakandam – Uththara Kandam

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

|| Bala Kandam ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Lord Rama who is absolute Bhramam, he is Parathpara/superior, he is Parameshvara who is Lord of Universe  represents destiny and time, he reclines on the bed of serpent/Shesha, he is worshiped by Lord Bhrama and Amaras/deities, he was born with supreme effulgence in the illustrious clan, he was born as son of Emperor Dhasharatha, he is the delight of Devi Kaushalya, he is beloved of Sage Vishvamithra, he is the slayer of dreadful demon Thadaka,  and he is the enemy of Mareecha, he protected the fire sacrifices of Sage Kaushika, he released Devi Ahalya from the curse, he is worshiped by Sage Gauthama, he is eulogised by deities and sages, his lotus feet crossed  river Ganges in a ferry, he enticed the hearts of the people of Kingdom of Mithila, he augmented the happiness of the people of city of Vidheha, he wielded the illustrious bow/Karmuka of Thrayambaka/Lord Shiva, he graciously accepted the garland offered by  Devi Seetha and gained her in marriage, he crushed the pride of Bhargava Rama and returned to the Kingdom of Ayodhya.  Victory to mighty King Rama !  Victory to Rama who is the consort of Goddess Sita !

|| Ayodhya Kandam ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Lord Rama who has countless virtues, he lured the hearts of  people of the Earth, he has the luster of full moon/Rakachandhra, he had sincerely followed the promise of his father and proceeded to woods, he met ardent devotee Guha who introduced himself to Rama and cleansed the lotus flower like supple feet of Rama, he visited Sage Bharadhvaja and augmented his happiness, he happily resided in the mountain peaks of Chithrakooda, he immersed in the thoughts of Dhasharatha, he was pleaded by Kaikeyithanaya/Bharatha to return to the Kingdom of Ayodhya, he performed  final rite of his father, he offered his Padhuka to Bharatha for veneration.   Victory to mighty King Rama! Victory to Rama who is the consort of Goddess Sita !

|| Aranya Kandam ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Lord Rama who purified the people of Dhandakavanam, he killed the wicked demon Viradha, he  venerated Sharabhanga and Sutheekshana, he obtained various boons and blessings from Sage Agasthya, he was worshiped by ardent devotees and ascetics, he resided on the shore of Panchavadi, he entrusted the duty of disfiguring Shoorpanakha to Lakshman, he destroyed Khara, Dhooshana and their army of demons, he chased after the Harina/golden antelope which was most dearer to Devi Seetha, he encountered with the illusionist Mareecha, he was frantically continued search for Devi Seetha who was lost in the woods, he was besieged with anger and pain of separation from his wife, he was in a wretched state, he graciously accepted the offerings of  fruits by Shabhari, he split opened the mighty arms of Kabandha.  Victory to mighty King Rama ! Victory to Rama who is the consort of Goddess Sita !

|| Kishkindha Kandam ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Lord Rama  who is worshiped by passionate devotee Hanuman, he blessed Sugriva and fulfilled all his desires, he crushed the pride of Vali and killed him, he send Vanara as emissary to Lanka, he was served by dearly loved  Lakshmana,  Victory to mighty King Rama ! Victory to Lord Rama who is the consort of Goddess Sita !

|| Sundara Kandam ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Lord Rama who was fervently served by Kapi/Vanara as emissary, he is the destroyer of all kinds of perils, Goddess Seetha was holding her life in the fortress of wicked Dhashanana/Ravana, was approached by eminent/polite, wise, disciplined, Hanuman and handed the jewel of Rama to Goddess Seetha who was shaking violently, in return Hanuman obtained the Choodamani/ precious jewel used to decorate on the  head,  Rama witnessed the Choodamani and pacified by Vanara.  Victory to mighty King Rama! Victory to Lord Rama who is the consort of Goddess Sita !

|| Yuddha Kandam ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Lord Rama who prepared for the vicious battle against Ravana, he was surrounded numerous monkey warriors, he crushed the pride of ocean, he provided shelter to Vibheeshana, a mighty bridge Sethu was constructed across the unfathomable ocean, he took off the head of demon Kumbhakarna, he destroyed the numerous warriors of army of demon, he exceptionally battled against the great illusionist Ravana and his men, he ferociously attacked Dhashamukha Ravana who have ten faces,  ultimately all the Suras eulogized the glories of Rama after seeing the destiny of the demons, he witnessed the pathetic state of battle field, he was jubilant to witness Devi Seetha, Vibheeshana was crowned as King of Lanka, later Rama, Lakshman along with Devi Seetha followed by numerous Vanaras were travelled by Pushpaka Vimanam/chariot made of various rich fragrant flowers, he had received  hospitality of Sage Bharadhvaja, Rama took all initiative to protect  Bharatha who is dearest younger brother to Rama, once again the people of Sakethapuri was thrilled and decorated for the grand welcome of Rama, all his people were admired him and praised his valor, he along with Devi Seetha seated on the gem decorated throne and the grand coronation ceremony was performed to the couple,  Rama along with Goddess Seetha was declared as King of Ayodhya, he honored the kings of illustrious clan, he offered Rangavimana to Vibheeshana and honored the monkey warriors with numerous gifts, he is embodied as Universe and its living beings, he is the protector and safest haven to living beings.  Victory to mighty King Rama ! Victory to Lord Rama who is the consort of Goddess Seetha !

|| Uththara Kandam ||

I shall prostrate before supreme Lord Rama who is eulogized by Veda, scriptures, Rishis and Sages, he is the slayer of demon Ravan who have ten heads, he finds immense pleasure in the embrace of Goddess Seetha, he ensures the prevalence of justice and protects the people of Ayodhya, he is Janakaja Rama who is supreme ascetic and consort of daughter of Janaka, he caused the death of Lavanasura, he is eulogized by Lord Bhrama, Lord Shambhu, deities and celestials, he is well pleased by his own children Lava and Kusha, he had performed various Ashwamedha Yagnas, once again he had adorned the abode of Sura, he provided liberation from repeated births to all the people of Ayodhya, he is divine personified as wise and followed his destiny with immense delight, he has supreme effulgence, he eradicates the worldly bondages, he reinstated righteousness on Earth, he is the provider of liberation to his passionate devotees, he is the protector of living and nonliving beings, he is the safest haven who help us to cross the ocean of samsara, he dwells in the  supreme abode Sri Vaikundam, he is the symbol of  supreme bliss.  Victory to mighty King Rama ! Victory to Lord Rama who is the consort of Goddess Seetha !

I shall prostrate before supreme Lord Maruthi who is the annihilator of demons, fervently listens to the endless glories of Raghunatha with streaming tears of joy and folded palm above the head.


|| Bala Kandam ||
Shuddha Bhrama Parathpara Ram | Kalathmaka Parameshvara Ram ||
Sheshathalapa Sukhanidhratha Ram | Bhramadhyamara Prarthitha Ram ||
Chanda Kirana Kulamandana Ram | Srimadh Dhasharatha Nandhana Ram ||
Kausalya Sukha Vardhana Ram | Vishvamithra Priyadhana Ram ||
Ghora Thadaka Ghathaka Ram | Mareechathini Pathaka Ram ||
Kaushikamakha Samrakshaka Ram | Srimadh Ahalyo Udhdharana Ram ||
Gauthama Muni Sampoojitha Ram | Sura Munivara Gana Samsthutha Ram ||
Navikadhavika Mridhupadha Ram | Mithilapura Jana  Mohaka Ram ||
Vidheha Manasa Ranjjaka Ram | Thryambaka Karmuka Bhanjana Ram ||
Sitharpitha  Varmalika Ram | Kritha Vaivahika  Kauthuka Ram ||
Bhargavadhapa Vinashaka Ram | Srimadh Ayodhya Palaka Ram ||
Rama Rama Jaya Raja Ram | Rama Rama Jaya Seetha Ram ||

||Ayodhya Kandam||

Aganitha Gunakana Bhooshitha Ram | Avani Thanaya  Kamitha Ram ||
Rakachandhra Samanana Ram | Pithru Vakyashritha  Kanana Ram ||
Priya Guha Vinivedhitha Padha Ram |Thakshalitha Nija Mridhu Padha Ram ||
Bharadhvajamukhanandhaka Ram | Chithrakoodadhri Nikethana Ram ||
Dhasharathasamsthatha Chinthitha Ram | Kaikeyi Thanayarthitha Ram ||
Virachitha Nija  Pithru Karmaka  Ram | Bharatharppitha Nija Padhuka Ram ||
Rama Rama Jaya Raja Ram | Rama Rama Jaya Seetha Ram ||

|| Aranya Kandam ||

Dhandaka Vanajana Pavana Ram | Dhushta Viradha Vinashana Ram ||
Sharabhanga Sutheekshna Architha Ram | Agasthyanugraha Vardhitha Ram ||
Grudhradhipa Samsevitha Ram | Panchavadi Thada Susthitha Ram ||
Shoorpanakharthi Vidhayaka Ram | Khara Dhooshanamukha  Soodhaka Ram ||
Seetha Priya Harinanuga Ram | Mareecharthi Krudhashuga Ram ||
Vinashta Seetha Anveshaka Ram| Grudhradhipa Gathi Dhayaka Ram ||
Shabharidhaththa Phalashana Ram | Kabandha Bahu Cchedhana Ram ||
Rama Rama Jaya Raja Ram | Rama Rama Jaya Seetha Ram ||

|| Kishkindha Kandam ||

Hanumath Sevitha Nijapadha Ram | Natha Sugreeva Abheeshtatha Ram ||
Garvithavali Samharaka Ram | Vanaradhootha Preshaka Ram ||
Rama Rama Jaya Raja Ram | Rama Rama Jaya Seetha Ram ||

|| Sundhara Kandam ||

Kapivara Santhatha Samthusthua Ram | Thadhgathi Vigna Dhvamsaka Ram ||
Seetha Prana Dharaka Ram | Dhushta  Dhashanana Dhooshitha Ram ||
Shishta Hanumath Bhooshitha Ram | Seetha Veditha Kakavana Ram ||
Kritha Choodamani Dharshana Ram | Kapivara Vachanasvasitha Ram ||
Rama Rama Jaya Raja Ram | Rama Rama Jaya Seetha Ram ||

|| Yuddha Kandam ||

Ravana Nidhana Prasthitha Ram | Vanarasainya Samavritha Ram ||
Shoshitha  Saridheesharththitha  Ram | Vibheenabhaya Dhayaka Ram ||
Parvatha Sethu Nibandhaka Ram | Kumbhakarna Shiracchedhana Ram ||
Rakshasa Sangha Vimardhaka Ram | Ahi Mahi Ravana  Charana Ram ||
Samhritha  Dhashamukha Ravana Ram | Vidhibhava Mukha Sura Samsthutha Ram ||
Khasthithada Sharathaveekshitha  Ram | Seetha Dharshana Amodhitha Ram ||
Abhishiktha Vibheeshananatha Ram | Pushpakayanarohana Ram ||
Bharadhvajabhinishevana Ram | Bharatha Prana Priyakara Ram ||
Sakethapuri Bhooshana Ram | Sakala Sveeya Samanatha Ram ||
Rathnalasath Peedasthitha Ram | Pattabhishekalankritha Ram ||
Parthivakula  Sammanitha Ram | Vibheeshanarpitha Rangaka Ram ||
Keesha Kulanugrahakara Ram | Sakala Jeeva Samrakshaka Ram ||
Samasthaloka Adharaka Ram | Sakala Jeeva Samrakshaka Ram ||
Rama Rama Jaya Raja Ram | Rama Rama Jaya Seetha Ram ||

||Uththara Kandam ||

Aganitha Munigana Samthutha Ram | Vishrutha Dhashakandodhbhva Ram ||
Seetha Alingana Nirvritha Ram | Neethi Surakshitha  Janapadha Ram ||
Vipinathyajitha  Janakaja Ram | Karitha Lavanasura Vadha Ram ||
Svargatha Shambuka  Samsthutha Ram | Svathanaya Kusha Lavanandhitha Ram ||
Ashwamedha  Krathudheekshitha Ram | Kalavedhitha  Surapapdha Ram ||
Ayodhyaka Jana Mukthidha Ram | Vidhimukha Vibhudhanandhaka Ram ||
Thejomaya  Nijaroopaka Ram | Samsruthi Bandha Vimochaka Ram ||
Dharma Sthapana Thathpara Ram | Bhakthi Parayana Mukthidha Ram ||
Sarva Charachara Palaka Ram | Sarva Bhavanmaya  Varaka Ram ||
Vaikunthalaya Samthitha Ram | Nithya Anandhapadhasthitha Ram ||
Rama Rama Jaya Raja Ram | Rama Rama Jaya Seetha Ram ||

Yathra Yathra Raghunatha Keerthanam | Thathra Thathra Krithamasthakanjalim| Bhaspavari Paripoorna Lochanam | Maruthim Namatha Rakshasanthakam ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||