Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Sri Kalika Sahasranama Sthothram by Mahakalabhairava – Lyrics and meanings 31 - 40

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall meditate upon Goddess Kalika  is Kodarakshi who represents illustrious clan, she is Mahathi/supreme Goddess who bestow happiness, she talks plentiful/Bahubashini, she is wise who represents benevolence and weak intellect as well, she is Chanda/wrathful, she is the annihilator of demon Chanda and Munda, she is Prachanda/Durga, she is Chandikachandi/passionate, she is anointed in blood of demon Chanda, she has long and beautiful  curly hair locks/Sukeshi, she keeep her long curly hairlocks loosened /Mukthakeshi, she has long attractive hair locks/Dheergakeshi, she has marvelous hair locks, she is accompanied by spirits, she has the complexion of blue lotus and she is decked in marvelous earrings, she is surrounded by spirits and living beings, she is seated on the mortal coil, she is beloved of spirits, she embellishes the dwelling places of spirits, she dwells in the funeral grounds, she symbolizes devout act/pieties, she is the provider of meritorious rewards, she represents scholar/wise in the illustrious clan, she symbolizes piousness, she is personified as supreme Goddess of pieties, she is eulogized with sacred hymns, she is Pavani/unblemished and purifier of souls, she represents virtuous offspring, she is unblemished, she is most excellent, she is primordial, she is propitious, she has numerous auspicious names, she is the destroyer of fears of worshiper, she is the provider of abundance of boons to worshiper, she carries Gadga in her hand, she carries skull and various vicious weapons in her hands, she is Chinnamastha, she has beautiful nose, she is Dakshina/Durga, Shyamala/dark complexioned, Shyama/dark clouds, she is Shantha/serene, she has large and high raised bosom, she is Digambara who is wielded in directions as garment, she produces terrifying shriek,  she is lustrous, she represents the stream of blood, she is Shivaa who produces shrieking voices, she carries Gadga, she is Vishanka/apprehension, she is besieged with  passion, she is Maththa/furious, intoxicated, excited with immense joy, she is Pramaththa/lustful, excited, she is stunningly gorgeous, she dwells in the ocean Sindhu, she is extremely furious and lustful, she is capable to entice the whole Universe and its living beings, she is fond of music and instrumental music, she is fond of playing music instruments, she merrily dances with the spirits, she has numerous forms with four powerful arms, ten  and eighteen arms, she is Kathyayani who is the daughter of sage Kathyayana, she is Jaganmatha who is the mother of the Universe, she is embodied as Universe/Jagathi, she is Parameshvari/Goddess of the Universe who manifested as Universe, she is Jagadhdhathri who is the protector of Universe and carries in her womb, she is the cause for the happiness of the Universe and its living beings/Jagadhanandha Karini.

Kodarakshi  Kulashreshta  Mahathi  Bahubhashini | Sumathi: Kumathi  Chanda Chandamundathi Vegini ||

Prachanda  Chandika Chandi  Charchika Chandavegini | Sukeshi Mukthakeshi  Cha  Dheergakeshi  Mahathkacha ||

 Prethadheha  Karnapoora  Prethaprani Sumekhala | Prethasana  Priyapretha  Prethabhoomi Krithalaya ||

Shmashanavasini  Punya Punyadha  Kulapanditha | Punyalaya  Punyadheha  Punyashloki Cha Pavani ||

Puthra Pavithra  Parama Pura Punyavibhooshana | Punyanamni Bheethihara  Varadha  Gadgapanini ||

Nrimunda Hasthashastha  Cha  Chinnamastha  Sunasika |Dhakshina Shyamala  Shyama Shantha  Peenonnathastani ||

Digambara  Ghorarava  Srinkkantha  Rakthavahini| Ghorarava  Shivaa Gadga  Shivanga  Madhanathura ||

Maththa Pramaththa  Pramadha  Sudha Sindhu Nivasini | Athimaththa  Mahamaththa  Sarvakarshana Karini ||

Geethapriya  Vadhyaratha  Pretha Nrithyaparayana | Chathurbhuja Dhashabhuja  Ashtadhashabhuja Thatha ||

Kathyayani Jaganmatha  Jagathi Parameshvari | Jagadhvandhu Jagadhdhathri  Jagadh Aanadhakarini ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||