Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Sri Jagannatha Sahasranama Sthothram – Bhrama Puranam – Lyrics and meanings 41 – 5o

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||

I shall meditate upon Lord Jagannatha who is the essence of Nigama/Veda and Agama/Shasthras, he is personified as Krishna who is most desirable, he symbolizes fame, he is Narayana, he is the Lord of Naras and living beings, he is supreme Lord, he is Paramathma who dwells as soul in living beings, he is worshiped by the whole Universe, he is supreme spirit, he dwells as soul, he is Paroksha who is not visible/perceivable, he is omnipresent and he is the safest haven to the people who are surrendered at his lotus feet, he is the cause for bringing sacred Ganga on Earth, he represents mind and  intellect, he represents death and circumstances/situations, he is closely attached to the world of Samsara and its living beings, he has pleasing disposition, he is the protector from worldly existence, he is attired in various colors of majestic garments and he is decked in variety of flowers, he carries Nandhadhvaja that symbolizes happiness, he is absolute Bhramam, he is Girivasi who dwells in highest mountain peaks, he is the commander of Ganas, he is great illusionist, he symbolizes numerous colors, he is Lord of Yoga, he is Hari and Sridhara as well, he has supreme effulgence, he is extremely valorous, he is powerful, he is personified as soul in living beings, he is Bhramacharin who follows strict austerities, he is the commander of Lords, he symbolizes wisdom and knowledge, he is the preceptor of deities, he is the Lord of deities, he represents Ashtamoorthi of Rudra known as Bhava, Sharva, Rudra, Pashupathi, Ugra, Bhima, Mahan, Eshana, he is Icchamoorthi, he is extremely valorous, he is the Lord of Mahanaga, he represents pious deeds and austerities and penances, he is the protector of distressed people, he is divine manifested as half man and half lion, he represents Dhivakara/Surya, he receives oblations from fire sacrifices, he consumes grains as offerings, he absorbs the whole Universe and its living beings at the end of Yuga, he symbolizes sacred texts and Veda, he imparts knowledge in sacred texts, and refine knowledge, he is Hari who is fulfills all the desires of the worshiper, he is supreme Lord who symbolizes righteousness and he is worshiped by people who belongs to all Varnnas, he is forgiving and merciful as well, he is absolute Truth and protects the truth, he is destroyer of Kamsa and Keshi, he is the destroyer of wicked people.

Nigamagamachari  Cha Krishnagamya: Swayam Yasha: | Narayano Naranam Cha Lokanam Prabhur Uththama: 

Jeevanam Paramathma  Cha Jagadhvandhya: Paro Yama: | Bhoothavasi  Parokshasha Cha Sarvavasi  Charashraya: ||

Bhageerathi Mano Buddhir  Bhavamrithyu: Paristhitha: | Samsara  Pranayi Preetha: Samsara Rakshaka: Sadha ||

Nanavarnnadharo  Devo  Nana Puspa Vibhooshana: | Nandhadhvajo Bhramaroopo Girivasi Ganadhipa: ||

Mayadharo Varnnadhari  Yogeesha: Sreedharo Hari: | Mahajyothir  Mahaveeryo Balavamsha Cha  Balodhdhbhava: ||

Bhoothakridh Bhavano Devo  Bhramachari  Suradhipa: | Sarasvathi Suracharya: Suradeva: Sureshvara: ||

Ashtamoorthir Dharo  Rudra: Icchamoorthi: Parakrama: | Mahanagapathish Chaiva  Punyakarma Thapashchara: ||

Dheepano Dheenapalash Cha Dhivyasimho Dhivakara: | Annabhoktha  Sabhoktha  Cha  Havirbhoktha  Paro Para: ||

Manthradho Jnanadhatha  Cha Sarvadhatha  Paro Hari: | Parardhdhi: Paradharma  Cha Sarvadharma Namaskritha: ||

Kshamadhash Cha  Dhayadhash Cha  Sathyadha: Sathyapalaka: | Kamsari: keshinashi Cha Nashano Dhushta Nashana ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||