Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Sri Narayana Hrudayam by Rishi Bhargava !! Lyrics & meanings 21 – 30

|| Jai Sriman Narayana||

|| Hari Om||

I am not aware of any other deities, or I have no one other than you to protect and shower grace on me.  Oh! Vibho you have occupied my mind and soul   in this world of Samsara, therefore you should shower your auspicious grace upon me always.  Oh! Supreme Lord, you are extremely benevolent, I am a great sinner, therefore you have to pardon me and I deserve your mercy more than anyone in the Universe, if I was not taken birth, I would not have the need for mercy, likewise there no need of medicines if there is any illnesses, whoever in the association of sinful or wicked would be equally treated as sinner, therefore you are the only one to protect me in this Universe. Oh! Deva, You are my mother, you are my father, you are my next of kin, you are my close associate, you are venerable, you are my preceptor, and you are everything to me.

Phalashruthi –

Whoever recites or listens to the Prarthana Dashakam and Moolashtakam of Sri Narayana Hrudhayam would be blessed with the eternal presence of Goddess Sri Lakshmi.  Sri Narayana Hrudhayam is capable to fulfill all the desires of the worshipper; therefore whoever recites Sri Narayana Hrudhayam should immediately recite Sri Lakshmi Hrudhayam as well.   If not, Goddess Sri Lakshmi will remain unpleasant and the result would remain unpromising, hence the chanting of Sri Narayana Hrudhayam should always follow with Sri Lakshmi Hrudhayam would bring abundance of pieties includes all the desires of the worshiper would be fulfilled.   It is promising to begin chant with Sri Narayana Hrudhayam and ends with Sri Lakshmi Hrudhayam, which could bring all the auspiciousness to the worshiper.

Na Me Thvadhanyasthrathasthi Thvadhannya Hi  Dhaivatham |
Thvadhanyam Nahi  Janami Palakam Punya Vardhanam ||
Yavath  Samsariko Bhavo  Manasthdho Bhavanathmaka: |
Thavadh Siddhir  Bhaveth Sadhya  Sarvadha  Sarvadha Vibho ||
Papina Mahamekagro  Dhayalunam  Thvamagrani: |
Dhayaneeyo  Madhanyosthi  Thava Kothra  Jagathraye ||
Thvayaham  Naiva  Shrushtaccheth  Na Syaththava  Dhayalutha |
Amayo  Va Na  Shrushtaccheth  Oushadhasya  Vrudhodhaya: ||
Papasanga  Parishrantha: Papathma  Papa Roopadhruk |
Thvadhanya : Kothra  Papebhya:  Thrathasthi  Jagathithale ||
Thvameva  Matha Cha Pitha Thvameva |
Thvameva Bandhuscha  Sakha Thvameva |
Thvameva Sevyascha  Gurusthvameva |
Thvameva  Sarvam Mama  Deva Deva ||
Prarthana Dhashakam Chaiva  Moolashtaka  Matha: Param |
Ya: Padethschrunuyannithyam  Thasya Lakshmi: Sthira Bhaveth ||
Narayanasya Hrudhayam  Sarvabhishta Phala Pradham |
Lakshmi Hrudhayakam Sthothram Yadhi Chaithadhvinakritham ||
Thath Sarvam Nishphalam Proktham  Lakshmi:  Krudhyathi Sarvadha |
Yetha Samkalitham  Sthothram  Sarvabhishta  Phalapradham ||
Japeth Samkalitham Kruthva  Sarvabhishtam Avapnuyath |

Narayanasya  Hrudhaya Madhou  Japthva  Thatha: Param ||

|| Jai Sriman Narayana ||